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It is a company dedicated to technical expertise and innovative machinery imports high productivity, especially we are specialized in the field of recovery and recycling.

Prepare projects, we offer the right technology for each company, giving them an excellent value, performance and service.

Our staff and financial solutions tailored to the circumstances of your corporate after-sales service is properly prepared to offer solutions to our customers' requirements in the shortest time possible.

BRB COMERCIAL SL provides equipment and machinery environmentally more profitable for companies reclaimers.

Our product range includes solutions especially in:

  • Machinery for recycling electric cables and radiators copper / aluminum
  • Mills for plastics, cables ...
  • Shredders for plastics, cables ...
  • Scrap shredder plants, aluminum and metal separation
  • Shear Presses fixed, semi-mobile and mobile
  • Presses and junk vehicles
  • Metals Presses
  • Presses for cardboard and plastic
  • Strippers
  • Arcos radioactivity detectors
  • Industrial handlers
  • Used

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